The GBS Model UN team has a dedicated group of twelve board members.


Katie Roberts: Co-President

Katie is ecstatic to be one of Glenbrook South’s Model United Nations Co-Presidents this year! This will be Katie’s third year as a part of Glenbrook South’s team. Last year, Katie served as the Fundraising Chair for her first year with a position on the executive board of the club. She, alongside the other board members, led the team to successfully raise over $8000 for the club to use to subsidize their various conference and club costs. This was the largest amount the team has ever raised, which was done through car washes, candy sales, and other fundraising events.

Outside of Model UN, Katie works as an inclusion companion for the Northern Suburban Special Recreation Association to ensure children with special needs are able to thrive in a summer camp setting with their peers. Katie has worked as a peer tutor in Glenbrook South’s Titan Learning Center and has been a part of the Peer Mentoring system the Special Education Department has in place. Additionally, Katie is a part of the Society of Women in Engineering and has served as the club’s Treasurer. In her spare time, Katie can be found promoting numerous causes such as ending sexism and racism, two causes she fought for at the Women’s March on Washington in the nation’s capital in January of 2017.

Through Katie’s involvement in Model UN, she has discovered her dream of working either in American/international politics or serving as a lawyer/judge. Her passion for legal matters has provoked her to want to study political science and international law at college after possibly having a gap year working to assist refugees in the Middle East. Katie plans to become fluent in German (which she has studied for four years), Spanish, and Hebrew to assist her in her future career, wherever she finds herself working.


Leah Dunne: Co-President


Leah is thrilled to begin her fourth year on the Model UN team and serve as the Co-President in the coming 2017-2018 school year. This will be Leah’s second year as a board member, previously serving as writing coach. As Co-President Leah hopes to serve as a leader of the club helping both new and veteran members grow as speakers, writers, and diplomats. As Co-President Leah will help organize and facilitate meetings, oversee fundraisers, and serve as Co-Secretary General for GBSMUN IV in April.

In addition to her participation in MUN, Leah has served as an editor for the school’s newspaper, the Oracle, for the past three years and will serve as an Editor in Chief of the publication this year. She also participates in the Peer Mentoring Program, and serves as a member of the board managing their public relations. She is a two year tutor at the Titan Learning Center and enjoys having the opportunity to help her peers with their writing skills. Over the summer Leah works at various day camps for children with Type I diabetes through the American Diabetes Association, and fundraises throughout the summer for her diabetes walk team and the annual diabetes walk held in October. This summer Leah also had the opportunity to travel to Washington D.C., along with 100 other children across the country living with Type I diabetes, to meet with congressmen on capitol hill to advocate for funding geared towards diabetes research.

As for her future, Leah’s involvement at Glenbrook South has allowed her to formulate a career path that she hopes to pursue after she graduates. Leah hopes to attend a university on the east coast with the intent of double majoring in journalism and political science and minoring in international relations. Her involvement in interscholastic activities at Glenbrook South such as MUN and the Oracle have allowed her to find her passion for communication through speech and composition.



Delaney Gallagher: Fundraising Co-Chair

Delaney Gallagher is thrilled to be a Fundraising Co-Chair for the 2017-2018 school year along with Maddy McGrath. This will be the start of her third year on the MUN team at GBS. Last year the club set a goal for the most money raised for the team to date at $8,000, and this year Delaney wishes to beat that by raising $12,500. She also wishes to use the money raised to help with more team events for GBS not just conference costs.

As well as being a prominent member of the Model United Nations team, Delaney was previously the captain of the Fencing team and Varsity Goalie for the Girl’s Lacrosse team, earning two varsity letters in each. She is also a member of Glenbrook South Student Council, and will start as a peer tutor this year in the TLC. She also works at the local ice cream shop, The Dairy Bar, during the spring, summer, and fall. In her free time Delaney loves to listen to a variety of music, spend time with friends, and watches Ted ED and the Daily Show on youtube.

After highschool Delaney wishes to continue her passions in Model UN and Lacrosse. She has found a love for international relations and plans to major in that as well as either Economics or Public Health. Delaney wishes to get involved with either the state department or a NGO helping poor countries rebuild their economies or public health infrastructure.



Maddy McGrath: Fundraising Co-Chair

Maddy is beyond excited to serve as a Fundraising Co-Chair for this school year alongside Delaney Gallagher. This will be Maddy’s second year on the Model United Nations team at Glenbrook South, after falling in love with the activity as a sophomore. This year, Maddy and Delaney aim to raise a total profit of $12,500 to benefit the expenses of conferences and resources for the team. Additionally, Maddy wishes to increase and diversify the fundraisers conducted by the Model UN team. Maddy anticipates a successful fundraising year for Model United Nations, and a successful year for the team as a whole.

Aside from Model UN, Maddy is an active member of Key Club and Interact at Glenbrook South. She enjoys volunteering with her peers and gaining positive experiences from service. Maddy is also an active tutor in the Titan Learning Center, and is looking forward to participating in the Peer Mentoring program this year. She has played on the Girl’s Lacrosse team in previous years, and has written as a staffer for the Etruscan Yearbook. In her free time, Maddy enjoys spending time with her friends, listening to music and conducting baking experiments.

Maddy is currently undecided as to what she desires for her future, but certainly wishes to continue her passion for international relations beyond high school. She wishes to study international relations in college, and is considering business, economics and political science to study as well. Regardless of her current uncertainty concerning her future after high school, Maddy is confident that this year will be spectacular on the Model United Nations team.



Gavin Morse: Publicity Co-Chair

Gavin is incredibly excited to be Glenbrook South’s Model United Nations Co-Publicity chair this year along with Spencer Wells. This will now be his fourth year doing MUN, as he was a prominent member in the junior MUN program at Attea Middle School.  Gavin hopes that this year will make GBS MUN the largest club to date, bring in many new members and raising awareness about the success of the GBSMUN.

Besides Model United Nations, Gavin is on varsity basketball as well as varsity soccer, totaling 3 varsity letters to date. He will look to lead both teams in their upcoming seasons. Also, Gavin is an active member on the Debate team, winning numerous awards for GBS. He is also a board member of Burger Day Charities, raising money for the Ronald Mcdonald houses in Chicago. Besides school, Gavin enjoys listening to music and playing video games, especially FIFA and NBA 2K.

After high school, Gavin is mainly focused on continuing his soccer career in college. He would love to combine his passion of playing soccer with a political science degree from a university. After college, Gavin would like to go into public policy or international relations as possible career choices.


Spencer Wells: Publicity Co-Chair

Spencer is to be Glenbrook South’s Model United Nations Co-Publicity chair this year along with fellow junior Gavin Morse. He is going into his second year doing MUN, as his introduction to MUN sophomore year was an incredible experience. Spencer seeks for this year to be a successful one for GBSMUN, and hopes to work with the rest of the board and use his position in publicity to make the team more prevalent and well-known at GBS, as well as encourage new members in order to bring fresh skill to the team.

In addition to participating in Model United Nations, Spencer Wells is a member of South’s Track and Field team, where he runs hurdles. In addition, in the summer of 2017 he went to Cocle, Panama, where he participated in a service experience through Amigos de las Americas, a group that works with youth from the United States and communities in South and Central America. Outside of school and extracurriculars, Spencer enjoys hanging out with friends and family and running.

Spencer is still unsure what career path he wishes to follow after high school, but he is positive that the skills he immerses himself in through Model United Nations will be applicable in some way, both in college and in the rest of his life.


Riley Alexander: Writing Coach

Riley is elated to be this year’s writing coach for the Model UN team.  This will be Riley’s first year as a board member and her third year as a part of the Glenbrook South Model UN team.  As writing coach Riley is looking forward to helping team members elevate their writing in all aspects of Model UN.  This year Riley’s hope is to provide all members of the team with the skills and ability to write confidently in all situations they find themselves in during conferences.

Riley is a senior at GBS.  Outside of Model UN, Riley is involved in various clubs such as Amnesty International and Feminism Club.  This year will be Riley’s third year playing defense in Lacrosse at GBS and her eighth year playing the cello.  Additionally, she will be continuing her study of Latin independently.

As for the future, Riley would like to pursue a major in economics with minors in finance and political science.  With these degrees Riley hope to work to study the effects of macroeconomics on the United States government and International trade as whole.  With this knowledge Riley hope to create positive change through academia and government policies.  As a result of Model UN, Riley have been inspired to try to effect positive change in the world by pursuing Riley’s interests.


Mateusz Odziomek: Research Coach

Mateusz is currently in his third year with the GBS Model UN team. He is looking forward to actively helping the team with his position of Research Coach. He plans to make sure there are guidelines and tips to follow when conducting research. In addition, he is also working on creating a research database for the GBS Model UN team. He hopes everyone is able to elevate their level and depth of research this year.

Other than Model UN, Mateusz has been a part of the GBS soccer team for all four years and been part of Key Club for three. For the past two years, he has also served as the Hunger and Poverty Leader for Key Club. He enjoys playing soccer or any other sports in his free time. Outside of the school season, he plays as a goalkeeper for FC-1 Academy. Mateusz also partakes in scientific research outside of school.

After high school, he plans to attend college and study Biomedical Engineering. He wants to be able to help others in the future through his profession. He hopes the future brings promise and he is able to pursue what he wants. If possible, continuing Model UN and soccer in college is something he plans to do. He hopes this a successful year for all of GBS Model UN.



Noah Baer: Speaking Coach

Noah is positively elated to be serving as the speaking coach of the GBS Model UN team. In this position, his job is to help instruct all team members, old and new, how to properly construct, deliver, and defend arguments. His goal is to help the GBS Model UN team conquer one of the most common fears in the world- public speaking- and be proficient at expressing themselves in any setting, from the interpersonal to in front of massive audiences. He also plans to help keep the team up to date, motivated, and successful. Considering this will be Noah’s last year on the board, he’s ready to give his all and make a lasting and valuable impression on GBS’s Model UN legacy.

Noah, in addition to three years’ participation on Model UN, helped create GBS’s politics club, which pushed for a more level and open political debate in the school community. Though Model UN is his sole named extracurricular, Noah does a great deal in raising political awareness and spreading political news. Noah also has a great interest in the STEM fields, and interns frequently at a research and development facility in the area.

In the future, Noah hopes to attend a small-to-middle-sized college where he can pursue his goal of becoming a high school or university teacher in the field of social studies, with a possible minor in mechanical engineering. He also hopes to pursue regional or national politics, and make a change for the better across the country. He is additionally considering taking time after graduation to travel the country, and better explore all of America and experience all it has to offer.


Alexandros Economou: External Affairs Director 

Alex is very excited to serve on the Glenbrook South Model UN Team’s Executive board for the second year in a row. This will be Alex’s fourth year as a member of the Glenbrook South Model UN Team. Last year, Alex was the Publicity Chair on the executive board where he was in charge of social media, and writing announcements for the Team. Now as the External Affairs Director, Alex is in charge of promoting Glenbrook South both nationally and internationally in the Model UN Community. In this role Alex also helps the team figure out what conferences they should attend. Outside GBSMUN, Alex worked for as a Media Associate, and attended BD’s Model United Nations Institute at Georgetown University where he completed the Ambassador, Crisis, and Secretary General programs. Alex is also a member of the All American Model UN team, and has traveled to conferences in Budapest, Hungary, and Washington DC. Alex also served as the chair of the United Nations Environment Programme at a middle school conference called, Northern Illinois Model UN Conference hosted in the Chicago History Museum.

Outside of Model UN, Alex is a member of the Glenbrook Symphony Orchestra, where he plays violin. Alex is also a Research Director for Glenbrook South’s chapter of Amnesty International. In addition, Alex is a member of the Orpheus Hellenic Folklore Society, where he participates in Greek dance. Alex is also a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. Alex also has a pet canary named Cheeto. Alex is also obsessed with MUN, and it has taken over his life, so that’s why this is very short.

After High School, Alex wishes to continue with Model UN in college, and plans on applying to American University, George Washington University, or College of William and Mary where he plans on majoring in International Relations with a focus on Environment, Public Health, and Human Rights, and minoring in Environmental Science. Alex hopes that after college he finds a job in either the foreign service, the United Nations Environment Programme, the Food and Agriculture Programme, or the Environmental Protection Agency. Alex also wishes to work for an NGO like Amnesty International to help Cuban refugees, like his grandparents, come to the United States of America.


Aidan Graham: Crisis Director 

Serving as Glenbrook South MUN’s new Director of Crises Operations, senior and 3 year member, Aidan Graham, is emphatically jazzed for this upcoming year. Although only his first year as part of the world renowned GBSMUN board, Aidan is determined to help the team in any way he can. Under this title, Aidan strives to teach his team the qualities of exceptional crisis delegates through activities, simulations, and consistent practice (it’s what makes perfect!). As a 3 year member, Aidan has had vast experience with all things Model UN and wishes to pass down that knowledge to the abundance of promising youth within the program.

Over the years, Aidan has also gotten himself into a number of other activities at GBS. Every year Aidan, as the self-appointed juggling club president, participates in the Variety Show with his juggling peers. As president of the woodworking club, Aidan is also a craftsman and enjoys building furniture and adornments for his home. In addition to his expertise in those two fields, Aidan, a captain on his team last year, is a 4 year veteran of the lacrosse team at GBS. Additionally, like his fellow teammate and co-president, Leah Dunne, Aidan is an editor for Glenbrook South’s award winning school newspaper, The Oracle. Last but certainly not least, when he’s not busy juggling knives or writing immensely interesting articles, Aidan is a lifeguard at his local park district’s pool.

Despite his love for high school extracurricular activities, Aidan understands that not all good things can last. In one short year, Aidan heads off to college, and as of now, he is still deciding which road he wishes to walk along. As of such, Aidan is planning on double majoring in business and political science with a minor in spanish however that plan is subject to change. Whichever road he may take, he hopes his experiences throughout high school will serve as a guiding light on his quest for a happy and successful life.

Technology and Media Coordinator: Will Okuno

Will is ecstatic to participate this year as a member of GBS Model United Nations board, serving as the technology and media coordinator. His duties as the MC are to ensure the website is up to date, assist members with technology, and control/standardize media content. He wants to leave everybody with a knowledge of technology that will be useful at MUN conferences, and also for the rest of their lives.

Will has participated in Model United Nations for the past 2 years and is excited to complete again.. In between conferences, he participates in GBS Marching Band, and Engineering Club. Will also is part of the STEM program and spends a lot of his time assisting students in engineering projects. When school is not in session, Will spends his time working at a regional research and development laboratory.

After high school, Will hopes to be accepted by a top level engineering program. He hopes to apply what he has learned through his MUN experience to all aspects of his life.